PEEPathon 2006


Time PEEP # Comments
10:08 AM 0 The PEEPin' begins.

10:15 AM 20 Ernie calls the PEEP Hotline to question the health consequences of the experiment. They can neither condone nor comdemn the activity.

10:26 AM 30  
  35 "I'm surprised that I'm already feeling the effects. I expected to blow through 75 no problem. I can't believe my head is fishing around." - The Manimal
  36 "I'm off the chicks for a little while. Hopefully the bunnies go down smoother." - The Manimal
10:49 AM 39 "Zero means zero." - The Manimal
10:51 AM 40
  44 "I feel like I'm on PCP. My senses are all heightened. Even that cherry halls is bothering me." - The Manimal.
Evan is eating a cherry halls.
11:30 AM 50 Escape clause is reached. The Manimal can quit now and accept 3 free lunches from Richard's, reimbursement for the cost of the PEEPs, and 1 chilli day courtesy of Josh.
  51 "I started in a good mood. I'm now in that 'I don't want to talk mood.' In another 30, I'm gonna get nasty. The mood change has definitely happened." - The Manimal
There is notable confusion in opening the next PEEPs package.
  52 "Back to the dreaded chicks.." - The Manimal
  55 When the Manimal is asked if he is sleepy, there is no verbal response, just a harsh stare as he swallows number 56.
  56 "It was definitely easier eating those wings out in Arizona." - The Manimal
  59 Josh tries one and replies, "This is disgusting." The Manimal stares at a picture of his driver, the end goal of this escapade.
12:09 PM 60
  63 "To speed things up I tried doing 2 at a time. That is NOT the way to go." - The Manimal
12:36 PM 70  
12:50 PM 75
  79 "I hate these little bastards." - The Manimal
01:06 PM 81  
  83 "What would you say if you were answering the PEEP Hotline?" - Bret
"I would say..." (silence follows for minutes) - The Manimal
  85 "Every now and then you get ONE that tastes like crack-ass." - The Manimal
01:39 PM 89  
01:56 PM 94 "Yeah, I'm not diggin' the chicks. Their bellies are just softer and fatter. I'm almost diggin' the stale micro-bunnies better. Those fat little bellies make me puke." - The Manimal
02:20 PM 100

"It's about time those damn freebies are done." - The Manimal

  102 It is clear that the Manimal's motivation is to screw over Evan.
"I need to stop betting people to do stuff. This is my last time." - Evan
  104 "5 percent of armadillos carry leprosy." - The Manimal
The Manimal is clearly not all there...
02:51 PM 107 Evan offers the Manimal $100 to stop right now. The Manimal yawns.
  108 "Dude, I can't believe I got here and I'm slowing down. Now even the bunnies suck." - The Manimal
03:08 PM 110  
03:38 PM 125  
  127 When asked how he feels, the Manimal replies, "a PEEPs hair away from comatose."
  128 "This is the end of my betting, dude." - Evan
  130 "Those little bastards are staring at me." - The Manimal
Josh makes chirping noises.
04:11 PM 135 "I can't even lick my teeth anymore." - The Manimal
04:20 PM 138
  142 The Rocky theme song begins to play. The Manimal wolfs down 4 PEEPs.
"Do you have that on continuous play?" - The Manimal
  143 "My body is telling me to stop." - The Manimal
04:30 PM 144

"I have 144 in my belly. I'm floating through the clouds now." - The Manimal
The Manimal moans and jibberish ensues.
"What's the wall? What's the real wall, man?"
"Just 6 little girls left. It can't be that hard, right?"
It is clear that the Manimal is finished.

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